Start creating your Army with fillable PDF Species & Unit Design Sheets.

In The Genesys Project, each Species is created by you, the player, from one of the Five Domains of Life: Humanoid, Reptilia, Fey, Inseckt & Biest. Each Domain provides unique evolutionary Traits from which you can advance your Species: Genetic Mutations, Environmental Adaptations & advancements in Knowledge & Science

Once your Species is created, you will define your Units, allocating yet more unique traits & design your own powers, artifacts, vehicles & even your own armory from which you can equip your units. Quite literally, this aspect of The Genesys Project can be a game in and of itself, as making your Species and its armies is a lot of fun - truly a list builder's dream.

Genesys is designed as a highly interactive game system; every move made must be weighed carefully, as your opponent is all too eager – and capable – of countering your every action. Your command of the battlefield is important, as your leaders take charge of not only how much of your force can act at once, but control your mission for the game, and even the length of the battle.

The combat system is based on species attributes to shoot, hit in melee combat, and save against wounds rather than cross referencing number charts. Weapon tactics, from pikes to swords, determine a unit’s melee range and effectiveness in combat as two forces close in to tactically engage in a vital struggle for domination.

Playing The Game






The 5 Domains of Life

In Genesys, modeling is an open world to be discovered. Many hobbyists spend years working on their armies, customizing them into works of art for display and competition. The Genesys Project fits right into this type of hobbyist. You control the evolutionary trees of your species; the customization of your army knows no bounds, enabling the hobbyist to maximize his creativity for his own armies in modeling and painting.

Players can use any models to represent their armies on the table.  As Genesys progresses, there will likely be a handful of example armies made available. But, as Genesys puts customization above all else, modelling restrictions in the immediate future will be limited to base sizes and other simple standards. 

So who is Natfka anyways?

"Many of you know me from Faeit 212 as Natfka. I have been a gamer all my life and as far back as the 70’s I loved creating new spells, magic items , and creating worlds for campaigns to explore in Dungeons and Dragons. Years later, I was introduced to tabletop wargaming at the onset of the 3rd edition of Warhammer 40,000, and have spent countless hours customizing models, and hitting the tabletop with massive armies that I still collect today.
The Genesys Project started years ago, as a concept with no gaming medium. I am a huge fan of games like Sid Mier’s Civilization and Masters of Orion, however, I found them limiting missing the key elements that miniature gaming excels at. Tabletop games is where I have found all the action, but I always wanted more cinematics out of them. I wanted to write the stories of my men, explore my army’s background and history, and move them forward to greater glory and more. I wanted a game that could do this, and get these events out of my imagination, and into solid rules to play and explore. More than anything, I wanted a game that could engage others do to the same, and become part of the story.
Welcome to The Genesys Project."
- Gary Krieger, aka NATFKA

Build Your Species

Welcome to the Open Beta Release of The Genesys Project - a tabletop wargame by NATFKA of the popular Faeit 212 wargames blog.  

The Genesys Project allows you to totally customize your Species, including unit classes, weapons, vehicles, artifacts, and magic by selecting unique evolutionary traits to grant your Speceies & its Units special Abilities & Characteristics.

As you play through the Campaigns of The Genesys Project, you progress your Species through three distinct settings:

The 1st Age of Genesys represents an early fantasy setting

The 2nd Age falls in the modern to near future range

While The 3rd Age of Genesys reaches out to the distant future

As an industry insider, NATFKA has built a solid reputation in the tabletop gaming community. Now, building a new game that highlights the most favored aspects of tabletop gaming while addressing the frustrations of our fellow gamers, NATFKA & the Genesys Team are working diligently to design a game that is both fun & familiar, yet unlike any other game out there.

In the coming months we'll be introducing The Genesys Project Open Beta at conventions & local gaming groups in an effort to expand our community & receive quality feedback.

If we’ve managed to peak your interest, you can click here to get the latest rules for The Genesys Project Open Beta Release.

As you play the game, successful missions add new and exciting abilities, artifacts and bonuses to your Species and Unit Classes. Your Species evolves through the three Ages of Genesys, from the early fantasy type setting, through to the modern age, and finally into a violent futuristic age.

Your path is your own, and total customization is paramount. Designing your weapons and vehicles are all integrated in the game. While advanced weapon technology might be your path, others may choose secret arcane powers seeking lichdom, become cybernetically integrated machines, or genetically enhanced super soldiers.

The Settings of Genesys

The 1st Age

The 2nd Age

The 3rd Age

During each age, you will advance your species, gaining new traits and abilities from genetic mutations, environmental adaptations, and knowledge and scientific advancements.

While the Genesys worlds were perfect for life, there were three major ages of turmoil that stretched outwards and affected most, if not all, the worlds. These are the Ages of Strife: the ages where the game of Genesys takes place.

In concept and design, you as a hobbyist can create your Species and play in any or all of the Ages of Genesys. You can create your Species at the beginning, middle, and end of its existence, guiding it through time as it evolves and progresses.

Build Your Own Species

The 5 Domains of Life

The Ages of Genesys

Models & Genesys

Playing The Game

Campaign System

Models & Genesys

Campaign System

The Genesys Project has, at its core, a directive to be totally customizable while remaining balanced & fun.

We rely on our growing community to give us quality feedback & ensure The Genesys Project continues to move in this direction - improving with each iteration.

There are many ways to participate in The Genesys Project Community:

Build an Army

We need warlords to send us their armies. Reviewing new & unique Species, Units & the synergies they share on the battlefield is essential for us. Start creating your Army with fillable PDF Species & Unit Design Sheets.


Provide Feedback

Don't sit there with furrowed brows, let us know if something seems amiss. We are always looking for feedback about The Genesys Project. Whether it is clarifying rules, closing a loophole, or just a preference or suggestion - please, drop us a note on our feedback form. CLICK HERE to open our FEEDBACK FORM

Become a Play-Tester

We are also looking for more formal feedback in the form of official play-testers. Those chosen will recieve special insight & preview rules changes before their release while completing surveys that document their experience. If you are interested, send an email to:

Contribute to Genesys

Are you an artist, writer, designer or developer? We would love to feature you as a contributor to The Genesys Project! Some of our current contributors include:





Want to contribute? Send an email to:


♦ Jia Hao, 家豪♦ L. Jason Sparks (Reverie Games)♦ Gary Krieger (aka NATFKA)♦ Jia Hao, 家豪




Open Beta Release - Version 5.04



Open Beta Release - Version 5.04


Already Registered, but can't find your Key? Don't worry, your product key is found at the top of every email from The Genesys Project.

Already Registered, but can't find your Key? Don't worry, your product key is found at the top of every email from The Genesys Project.

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NEW Core Rules Update 5.04!

NEW Core Rules Update 5.04!